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List of our main video surveillance services


The company has experience in installing CCTV cameras at most types of facilities, including residential and commercial premises. We are ready to guarantee reliability, functionality, high efficiency and optimal price.

Operational repair

Operational repair
We are ready to repair your video surveillance system in the shortest possible time. System diagnostics, replacement of failed components.


Maintenance of the video surveillance system provides for comprehensive service support of the video surveillance system and maintaining it in good condition throughout the entire period of operation.

How we are working

New client

We approach each new client individually.

Departure of a specialist

The engineer of the company goes to the site

Inspection of the technical part

The engineer carries out a qualitative inspection of the object, draws up a scheme for arranging cameras and counts the number of cable products and other technical nuances.

Coordination of the estimate

The customer receives an estimate in at least 2 versions. Discounts and terms of implementation of the Agreement are discussed.


The installation team goes to the site to install CCTV cameras.

Inspection of the technical part

Our technical support is happy to answer all your questions during the operation of the system.

Video surveillance for any object!
With us it is possible!

We will help you solve security problems at any of your facilities.







Installation and installation of video surveillance systems in Houston

Video surveillance systems will allow you to keep control of the situation at your facility in real time, view already recorded events for analysis, and receive timely alarms about a security violation of an object that is under control. Our experts will qualitatively and in a short time develop a project, consult and install high-quality equipment for the smooth operation of a video surveillance system, taking into account all your requirements.

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