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Home Theater Installation & Config

Repousse LLC provides professional home theater installation in Houston.

A home theater is a complex system consisting of a surround sound system (5.1,7.1, etc.), a player (DVD, Blu Ray), an AV receiver, and a screen with a projector (or a large TV).

A full-fledged home theater will allow you to get the “presence effect. But truly first-class quality can only be obtained with the correct placement of all components. A first-class home theater system is all about well-chosen equipment, proper placement, setup, and professional installation. If you remove at least one element, the system will not perform at its maximum.

Repousse LLC can help you to create your own home theater system in Houston.

Benefits of Turnkey Audiovisual (AV):

  1. You get exclusive conditions for a complete system with installation. Usually, the price of individual components of the theater is fixed, but in the case of purchasing a complete system, you get an additional discount of up to 25%.
  2. Save time by working with one turnkey supplier. You do not need to look for contractors and sellers of individual elements of the cinema.
  3. One performer is responsible for everything. Imagine that you bought a home theater in one store, wires in another, acoustics in a third, the equipment was installed by a contractor. When it is time to test, suddenly the system does not work. The contractor says that one of the modules is faulty. You go to the store, and they tell you that the contractor is to blame.

Audio System Installation and Configuration

Professional Installation of sound systems in your home theater is a factor to consider, of which the further sound quality and operation of these complex systems largely depend. Expert installation of 5.1, 7.1 surround sound systems a and more complex configurations is that crucial stage of work, without which the very expensive equipment you have purchased will not sound at the limit of its capabilities. Therefore, only professional installation of sound systems performed by Hi-Fi Design installers can guarantee that every dollar invested in their purchase will really be justified and will give the buyer of audio equipment proper emotional and aesthetic pleasure. Contact us to get expert audiovisual installation in Houston. We serve greater Houston area and are ready to work on your surround sound project.

TV Installation on Different Wall Material & Ceiling

We offer professional commercial and residential TV installation in Houston. It could be a bar or a restaurant, office space or shopping center. We can install your TV inside your home or on a patio. We got you covered no matter what!
Stud, brick, tile TV wall mount as well as high ceilings. Save your time and money. Call us today.
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In-wall cord concealment is not available for surfaces above a fireplace, or brick

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We offer a professional TV mounting service, monitors installation, projectors, and projection screens installation, as well as shelves for AV components on the wall or on the ceiling. We have extensive experience in home theater and surround sound systems. Installation performed by specialized home theater technician. The work is performed reliably, quickly, and accurately with the lowest noise level. The work is carried out with preservation of cleanliness and order.

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