Computer Services

$100 Windows 10 Pro with installation

Check Windows 10 Minimum Requirements


Repousse is Houston computer services company. We offer FREE remote computer diagnostic. Call us to go over the problem. In most cases you don’t even need to go anywhere to get your FREE estimate. Contact us and we will help you!


Computer repair in Houston often very expensive service, we offer affordable prices and professional service. Hardware failure is one of the main reasons of your system malfunction. We can give you a same day estimate for your hardware fix. We will order proper parts and replace them properly, reducing the risk of more system damage. Contact us to prevent further damage.


After your free diagnostic you most likely will know the price and the problem. If there is a system level issue, we can troubleshoot it for you and do everything to save your time and money. Our computer services engineer will work with you to minimize risk and service time.

Custom Build

If you are a gamer, drafter, a person who is in need of custom solutions. We are here to help you design and build custom rigs for best quality/balance performance. There is no need to pay extra when buying a powerful branded system. You can hand-pick a best hardware and save money at the same time. All branded manufacturers go with budget parts, therefore increasing failure rate. With custom builds most computers work with no failure for more than 5 years. Contact us to build the best PC you ever had.